Targeted Investments


Our Targeted Investment Solutions

Burchfield & Partners is a premier firm specializing in strategic commercial real estate investments in the bustling markets of Texas.

We leverage a rigorous selection process, taking into account market fundamentals such as employment and population growth, economic diversity, and supply-demand conditions.

Our portfolio of investments spans core, value-added, and opportunistic assets.


Under “core” investments, we focus on office, industrial, multifamily, and retail assets. Our approach is ideal for investors seeking low-risk, cash-generating assets that offer long-term capital appreciation and an effective hedge against inflation.


For “value-added” investments, we target office, multifamily, industrial, and retail properties that present potential for value enhancement through improved management, repositioning, redevelopment, or recapitalization.


Lastly, for our “opportunistic” investments, we capitalize on commercial office or multifamily developments and redevelopments in select markets. These markets present an opportunity to cater to an undersupply of needed space.

To leverage these markets, Burchfield & Partners sponsors the development or forms strategic partnerships with skilled local partners, driving the development plan to fruition.

At Burchfield & Partners, we offer targeted commercial real estate investments, comprehensive real estate development services, and client services that advance your business objectives.

Partner with us for an investment experience that is both rewarding and empowering.